Pup Pup Cologne


Pup Pup Cologne


Love the fragrance of Agatha’s Luxury Lather Shampoo?

Is the scent of Luxury Lather making you swoon with doggie delight?

Pup Pup will KEEP your dog smelling doggone divine!

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Pet parents are raving about the delicious fragrance of Agatha’s Luxury Lather and Healthy Coat Conditioner.  Now you can buy that same essential oil blend of calming lavender and citrusy bergamot in an all natural pet cologne.  A few drops on the back of your dog’s neck will have everyone begging to know how you keep your dog smelling like a diva!



A blend of pure lavender & bergamot essential oils.


Lavender - (lavendula angustifolia*)

Bergamot - (citrus bergamiano)

With NO artificial fragrances ever!