Dog Health Kit

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Dog Health Kit


Your risk-free dog health kit includes:

  • Advanced Probiotic - 60 Capsules
  • Agatha's Elixir - 2 oz
  • Luxury Lather Dog Shampoo - 4 oz travel size
  • Healthy Coat Conditioner - 4 oz travel size
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If you want a healthier pet, you've come to the right place.

In addition to an active pet lifestyle and a proper diet - this kit has everything you need to keep your pet protected and looking their best.


Agatha's Advanced Probiotic Supplement will keep your dog's digestive system and immune system strong while the Elixir keeps your pet full of energy - while also protecting them from some toxins that are all to prevalent in your pet's life.


The small health kit is completed by a Luxury Shampoo and Healthy Coat Conditioner to freshen and protect your pet on the outside. The Luxury Shampoo has a beautiful fragrant lather while the Health Coat Conditioner will keep your pet's coat silky smooth. When used together, you'll find your pet to have the prettiest (and the most delightfully fragrant) coat on the block.

Dog Health Kit - Complete Protection

Advanced Probiotic
- Healthy Digestive System
- 15 Billion CFU's per Capsule
- Healthier Skin and Coat

- Natural Appetite stimulant
- Regulates Blood Sugar
- Helps protect against toxins

Luxury Lather Dog Shampoo
- Soothe Sensitive Skin
- Reduce itching
- Naturally Fragrant Bergamot Essential Oils

Healthy Coat Conditioner
- Moisturize Skin and Coat
- Naturally Repel Insects
- Naturally Fragrant Lavender and Bergamot Essential Oils


Package Contents:

Agatha's Advanced Probiotic

Powerful dog probiotic supplement - 2 month supply

Agatha's Elixir

A calming detoxifier and natural appetite enhancer - 2 oz supply

Luxury Lather Dog Shampoo

The best dog shampoo on the market - in an easy to use travel size container. - 4 oz

Healthy Coat Conditioner

Say goodbye to that nasty matted dog fur and enjoy the difference that a good coat conditioner will make. - 4 oz

If you don't love the results after 60 days, contact us.

We strive to delight with every purchase.