Your dog needs cuddling on the inside too.

“I can’t say enough good things about Agatha’s products. My baby girl will definitely be on them for her entire life.”

- Karen

You want your dog to live a long, healthy life...

But many happy pets are quietly developing problems that will slow them down, cripple them, or even shorten their lives. Even worse, conventional veterinary routines often accelerate the process.

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We know how it feels to watch your beloved dog suffer. Our products were designed by a dog breeder/veterinary technician, a pet professional with over 30 years experience. They ensure your dog gets the nutrient density, probiotic support, and immune reinforcement to fight the many toxins in his environment.

Our risk-free Dog Health Kit includes everything you need to feel confident that your pet avoids unnecessary illnesses and lives a long, healthy life.


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Your Dog Health Kit will make it easy for you to get your pet started on the path to better health.


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You’ve joined a new breed of dog owners and your dog has started the journey to a happier + healthier + longer life!

Living Ingredients

With the advent of prepackaged dog food, what used to be a staple in every dog’s diet has all but disappeared - Living Ingredients.

Now you can introduce the good bacteria back into your dog’s diet easily! He will thank you for it with a beautiful coat and a new found vitality that’ll make you smile because you know he's protected inside and out. 

1 - Living Ingredients

2 - Calming Detox

3 - Luxury Cleanse


The hidden cost of not buying

Your dog might look fine on the outside, but by the time signs of ill-health appear, it could be too late.

Enjoy more years with your healthy dog and get the peace of mind knowing you are protecting your pet from the inside out.