How agatha found the best dog probiotics and Natural dog supplements on the planet   

Probiotics for dogs have been all over the news & widely covered in most major pet publications.  You know they are helpful for people, but what about probiotics for your pets?  Does your dog need supplements?

I feel sorry for most pet owners who are looking for real answers about probiotics and other natural solutions for dogs.  How do you cut through the hype and find real answers?

"Do dogs need probiotics?"

"Are probiotics safe for pets?"

"Which probiotics are the best for dogs?"

I've been there, confused and frustrated by wild claims and dubious looking products.  My name is Terry Cross and like you I love my dogs, perhaps way too much.  Also, probably like you, I've always wanted to take the best care of my pets but I found out the hard way, that unless I took smart steps to help them stay healthy, I could lose them years before I dreamed possible. 

Agatha snow 2.jpg

I tell Agatha's story here, my funny little Agatha who still thinks snow is ice cream that falls from the sky, brave Agatha, whose miraculous recovery became the inspiration for Agatha's Apothecary.  When she got sick almost 7 years ago, I frantically went on a mission to learn everything I could about natural ways to help the dog I loved. 

I became a reluctant expert at first, years working as a veterinary technician and dog breeder had given me practical experience, especially in mainstream veterinary care, but I soon realized the answers I needed to help Agatha meant tracking down natural alternatives that would do the most to help the dog I loved. 

"I became a fervent ambassador for probiotic use in dogs.  I passionately began encouraging other dog owners to start their dogs on probiotics and when they asked me what brands to buy I quickly learned that most "dog probiotics" were nearly useless formulas that promised much and delivered little besides a waste of time and money!"

And so Agatha's Apothecary was born and sweet Agatha has become the much loved canine poster child for showing dog owners how to help their own dogs live healthier lives too.  The story of her winning her battle against cancer, the silly stories on my blog that chronicle the adventures of a dog who has become the dog of a lifetime.  She has some of the most amazing loving customers on the planet.  Faithful customers who are our best advertising, with their enthusiastic stories of how great supplements help their pets stay well too.  Today Agatha's products are helping 1000's of other people and their pets.  Agatha who still enjoys chasing the rabbit who lives down by the mailbox.  Agatha who should have died, now helps other people's pets live "Happy + Healthy" lives.  Good Dog Agatha!

You've just found the best dog probiotics and other healthy solutions for your pet on the market today.

We want to take the best possible care of the pets we love, not only because they are part of the family and we love them, but we'd also like to avoid spending a small fortune in vet bills too. 

We worry about our pets with good reason, your dog has up to 30 times the likelihood of getting cancer than you do. Lifeless kibble, toxic flea preps, lawn sprays, tainted rawhides, excess vaccines, the list goes on but there is a way to protect your pet.


Take Agatha's 60-Day Probiotic Challenge 

Order Advanced Probiotic Capsules.  Every morning when you give your dog her breakfast, open a stay fresh easy-open capsule and sprinkle over wet or dry food.  Be patient and don't worry if your dog doesn't start to glow in the dark or do anything dramatic like that.  The changes will be subtle but oh so beneficial to your pet.

Dogs who've suffered from digestive problems and stomach upsets like IBS are astonishingly improved. 

Dogs who shed excessively and had hot spots and allergies are no longer scratching and digging for relief. 

Even dogs with chronic yeast problems and ear infections are soon much improved.  Subtle or dramatic, the most important changes are the ones happening inside your dog as her immune system is strengthened day after day, helping her fight unseen health challenges that could shorten her life.

Agatha's Probiotic Challenge Money Back Promise


If at the end of 60 days you don't believe your dog is on her way to a happier + healthier life, contact us and we'll be happy to refund your purchase price, no questions asked, you don't have to send back anything!

(Agatha said to tell everyone she wants them tail-wagging happy over her products or she'll personally oversee your refund!)

Order Advanced Probiotic

Advanced Probiotic will make it easy for you to get your pet started on the path to better health.

Try for 60 days

Use Advanced for 60 days worry free. Your pet is protected by our no risk money back guarantee.

HUG your pet

You’ve joined a new breed of dog owners and your dog has started the journey to a happier + healthier + longer life!

Hear what others have to say.

We have many friends. And they have great stories.

Hannah Shields Cavachon

My Maggie loves her Elixir, We started having problems getting her to eat and I was worried about all the flea products I've used in the past.  

This is such an easy way to support her immune system and she loves the taste, she doesn't know it's actually good for her. If I forget to add it she waits until I put it on her breakfast!

Betty in Texas

Agatha with Terry and John Cross

These products literally saved Agatha's life.  She was only 4 years old when she was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer.  Agatha just celebrated her 10th birthday and is a happy healthy senior dog whose favorite hobby is chasing squirrels. Her amazing recovery became the inspiration for Agatha's Apothecary and now her products are helping dogs and dog owners everywhere.  We are so grateful to have our dear Aggie and be part of her journey.

John and Terry Cross  Founders Agatha's Apothecary

Mrs Brad Agatha's Apothecary Review

"When I used this luxurious dog shampoo for the first time recently, it was so exquisite, I was actually quite jealous and nearly jumped in the tub with my doggie.

The aroma was deliciously fragrant and the lather perfectly effortless to work."

-Mrs. Brad - Tennessee

Step 1  Probiotics and pet health

Agatha's Apothecary Advanced Probiotics

Research shows that high quality probiotics can help your dog with a multitude of health issues.  By introducing healthy or "good" bacteria to your pet's system day after day you help her immune system to build and repair. Those probiotics will seed in her digestive tract, eradicating bad bacteria and pathogens. From ear infections to food allergies, maintaining dental health to preventing cancer, probiotics for your pet are the most important step you can take to help her stay or get healthy.

Probiotics can be cheaply made or made the right way.  Most "pet probiotics" are low dose chewables (never a good way to deliver probiotics, they just can't survive the manufacturing process) or a ineffective 2 or 3 Billion CFU's per serving with only 4 or 5 strains.

Our goal from the beginning was to source the freshest grown, highest potency (at least 15 Billion CFU per serving) probiotics with numerous strains of the most pet beneficial bacteria that could survive the acidic digestive system of dogs and cats.

You know what?

We have lab tested competitors probiotics and found that some of the most popular products contained absolutely no living bacteria,

NONE whatsoever...  

It costs more to create unique powerful supplements but our pets deserve the best we can deliver.

If you have a small pet population, Advanced Probiotic is a capsule delivery (read stay-fresh, easy open, exact dose).  You can give in a treat or pull the capsule open and sprinkle over food.  Some pets beg for their morning dose (the prebiotics are pleasantly sweet tasting).  If you have more than one pet, the Probiotic Dog Essentials come in a convenient pouch with a scoop for easy dosing.  Start with 1/2 a dose daily for 1 week, then a full capsule or 1 scoop a day.

Agatha's Apothecary Elixir Pet Health Tonic

Step 2 Daily Pet Tonic

Your pet is the most challenged of all creatures.  Dog and cat food is manufactured at such incredibly high temperatures it can "live" on the shelves at your local pet store for 7 or 8 years before it is technically not fit to consume.

Ticks and fleas are a problem that the pharmaceutical giants are all too happy to help you with.  Flea drops and chews that make insects die or more frightening still, become sterile if they WALK ON YOUR DOG...

Scary?  You better believe it.  For pets and people.

Cancer is the leading cause of death in pets.  They live short lives anyway and the onslaught of bad diet, toxic chemicals heavy vaccination loads and more mean if we don't get it right, we will almost certainly see them suffer needlessly and die long before they should.


Helping your pet detox is vital. Elixir is the only pet supplement of it's kind.

Agatha's Elixir is a cornucopia of nourishing herbs and vitamins.  Ingredients like milk thistle, apple cider vinegar, green tea extract, ginger root, B-Complex, sounds like something you'd find at an upscale health food store for people right?

Unfortunately, many pet supplements are simply placebos, watered-down, ineffective and mass produced for the financially lucrative pet industry market.



It's difficult to know exactly what your pet needs to prosper. Even Agatha had her share of health issues, until we found the answer in proper nutrition. Agatha's Apothecary - made with your pet's health in mind.


We won't be happy unless you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. Questions on where to get started? We'd love to hear from you.


Ingredients matter. You won't find us cutting corners in our supplements or our doggie care products.  Enjoy the difference a luxury dog shampoo and conditioner can make, and pleasantly surprise the vet with your dog's boost in vitality.